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Young Tiny Teen My calm took almost ten minutes as Kathleen kissed my lips, cheeks, forehead and eyes, sucking my breasts, holding my face in her hands, stroking my hair, whispering I was the most wonderful lover she has ever had. We rested in each other’s arms, telling the wonders of it all, exchanging gentle, sweet kisses and whisperings of love and devotion.

Young Tiny Teen We showered together, kissing and attentive to one another, washing, drying and lotioning each other, her kissing my cunny lightly, telling me how much she loved it. I said it was now hers for the asking, I would save it for her until we next met. She said she wanted to be with me next Friday, we had to meet, she couldn’t be away from me long. I said she could stay at my condo Friday night, Saturday and overnight into Sunday, or I could come to her place. She said we could decide by phone.

Young Tiny Teen I said I wanted her so much again, waiting for next weekend would be agony. I said we could get take-out and not have to leave, making endless love. We hugged and kissed, she was so happy we had found one another, we were so perfect together. I said God was looking after us, and He wanted us to be together, we should be grateful to Him. We both whispered our thanks to Him.

Young Tiny Teen She packed her overnight case as we continued to chat about how wonderful and lovely the weekend had been. She said she cherished and treasured our time together, she would count the hours until next Friday night. We kissed and hugged our goodbyes, her saying she wanted to talk Young Tiny Teen everyday and e-mail me, she was overwhelmed with emotion, slightly tearing.  I said I felt the same, she was the most exciting woman I had ever met, and I couldn’t wait until Friday, I would do my best to make it memorable for us.

Date: May 20, 2021
Actors: tori black