Young Thot Depois da festa rolou uma pegação na sala e todos transaram


Young Thot At first, Maria insisted that we call an ambulance, but relented when Susan kept begging to just let me fix her. Still delusional, I noted. As swollen as her lips and face were, Susan could still speak clearly.

Maria called a doctor friend and described Susan’s injuries. Even though it was quite late, the doctor arrived quickly and started treating the patient.

Young Thot He had me bring in a portable X-ray machine from his car, emphasizing that it was prohibitively expensive. Naturally, I carried it very carefully. The doctor took X-rays to determine whether Susan had a fractured skull, which she didn’t, but she did have a significant concussion.

The doctor would not guarantee her welfare if she stayed at the house, and said I could be held responsible if she died. He finally departed, after starting an I.V. drip in her arm, and leaving a variety of medications, including anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and some sort of steroid. Thank god Maria was there and knew how to administer the medications.

Young Thot I stayed up with Susan the first night, since I’d been informed that concussion victims shouldn’t be allowed to sleep for several hours. I had a hell of a time keeping her talking, until I started discussing all the men she fucked after she left me. She became very agitated and stayed awake.

Unexpectedly, discussing the topic proved to be therapeutic, relieving some of our mutual hatred. I hated her for breaking our wedding vows, and she hated me for ending our marriage.

Young Thot I found out that several of her lovers verbally abused her when I refused to do their taxes. She didn’t think that I would be so vindictive. I also discovered that, after I’d sent letters to the wives, most of her lovers stopped seeing her. Then Kathy threw her out, because I’d sent letters to the wives of her married lovers too.

Young Thot In desperation, Susan had moved in with a guy that wanted her to fuck his friends. After a month or two, he brought a couple of black men over, and she refused to have sex with them. All three of the men had beaten her, had their way with her, then threw her out. She didn’t want to go to the hospital, so she came to my house, as it was the only place she felt she could go.

Young Thot About 6 am, Maria took over from me, checking Susan’s temperature, blood pressure, pupils, and reflexes, while I fell asleep.

Young Thot As we’d taken some time off work to nurse Susan, between Maria and me, she had 24-hour care. After the second day, when Susan began to improve, the doctor wasn’t needed, however he still visited daily, and continued to supply her with medication.

Young Thot I realized the reason for the good doctor’s dedication, when I left to go to the store but had to quickly return because I’d forgotten my wallet. As I walked into the kitchen, the doctor and Maria were locked in a passionate embrace with their tongues down each other’s throats and their hands caressing intimate body parts. Obviously, the pair had been romantically involved for a while.

Date: March 30, 2021