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Young teen great orgasm They are soft and smooth like her boobs.
Now I shifted to right boob and took my hand in the ass and pressing the left boobs. Throughout all this, she is Moaning slowly in my ear haaa haaaa moreeeee. Now I slid my right hand inside her panty. She didn’t have even a single hair there and more inside. There I found the hole to heaven. It was wet and sticky. I started to rub then she suddenly held my cock which is fully erect and ready to tear my pants. She lowered my zip and underwear and took my cock outside. And surprised. She said, ” enti ra entha undhi” ( what this is very big).

Young teen great orgasm She started to stroke my cock then I lower her pant and panty and widened her legs and rubbing her pussy like anything she was unable to stand and jumping here and there and Morning louder. There is some place so I lied her down and inserted one finger inside her then she arched her back then I was stroking her fast and Young teen great orgasm inserted the second finger now her pussy wall are getting tight. I know she is going to cum. She shot her first orgasm. She is crying to put my cock inside. But I didn’t have a condom I told her she said keep no problem. Then I rubbed my cock on her very wet pussy then she was like shhhhhshhhhh then I tried to insert it was tight. I tried again it is not going.

Young teen great orgasm Then I used my whole body weight and tried to insert this time it went half she shouted aaaaaaa then I got terrified that we will be caught. I stayed like that for 1 min and started kissing her and slowly taken back and with full force and pushed it again it went inside completely and my cock was paining like her pussy. She is crying. I was kiss and stayed like 5 mins and started to stroke slowly and increased my speed and now she got into the mood and she was jumping and moving her hip I match my stroke.

Date: June 3, 2020