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Young Russian The three girls went to his office. There was one black Nigerian boy of sixteen by name Dukido,
welcomed them. He said that he was an expert hairstylist and James was his teacher.
James also came.  He introduced himself. All the three told him about their desire. He strongly gave them his assurance. He told this also that he had to take twenty snaps of each that too with ten different costumes and ten different hairstyles. For that he needed three hours for each person. The other two could spend time seeing the DVDs.
Young Russian Helen stood first and James, Dukido and Helen entered into the studio room. James strongly told Helen that she should obey all his words and must do what all he said. He gave Helen a pill to raise her libido. Both changed into lungies.
First of all he wanted to change her dresses to modern one. He removed all her dresses and made her nude. He held her boobs in his hands and gave many kisses. Telling she should have a bath and took her to the bathroom. James asked Dukido to bathe
her nicely. Dukido also became nude.
Young Russian Seeing his black fourteen inches long penis, Helen was stunned. Withering away her Young Russian shyness she held it in her hands. Her touch erected the penis of Dukido and it leaned and leaned on and pointed towards her tummy. Helen had never seen such a long penis until then. In full erection it was six inches around looking like a log.
Helen knelt down and had the penis in her mouth.. Only half the part she could have. She first Young Russian licked it and munched biting gently.  She was sucking and sucking for five minutes. Dukido enjoyed it with immense pleasure. Then he held her head in his hands and fucked her in her mouth. After ten minutes he came in her mouth and she swallowed the sperm fully. 

Date: May 28, 2020