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young petite wet asian I looked at May who was now sitting on the edge of a chair overlooking the beach, which was now teaming with people. I thanked her for coming. She smiled and said that she couldn’t wait to get here and was worried that it was a joke all the while was totally on edge and actually cumming more then once while sitting at the traffic lights on the way doing her pelvic floor muscle exercises.

I asked what she though of Oliver. Her smile was enough of a reply. So that’s it, that’s the fantasy we will for fill for you today. Is that what you want. Her reply was filled with fear and excitement all at once.

young petite wet asian ‘Yes please’ she said.

I asked her to wait and walked into my room and spoke to Oliver, he already had worked out why I wanted him there and was more then interested. He was just a tad worried, as there was the rule about having sex with the clientele.

young petite wet asian I reassured him – after all ‘she isn’t staying here is she?’

I grabbed my laptop and showed him her threesome fantasy. There was another knock at the door which May attended to – our refreshments had arrived.

Oliver and I entered back into the lounge area as May was putting the plates on the table she was leaning over just enough that her short dress rode up showing us that she had no pants on and her arse was as shapely as the rest of her.

young petite wet asian I told her Oliver will be coming on the journey with us and she just smiled. Then leaving them to it, I jumped in the shower. Taking my time I enjoyed the hot water splashing over my body. The soap lathered my body washing away the remnants of last night.

Date: July 1, 2020
Actors: jayla