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Young Hot Wife the floor between her widely stretched legs, she can feel her juices even now oozzing between her swollen lips ; but sqirm as she might she can not get free and the feelings of humiliation pain and sexual stimulation were making her scream into her gag and BEG  with the need to cum. Her clit throbs with a life of its own Growing bigger with every heart beat.
Suddenly she notices the next man approach her  …he stands in front of her and looking into her eyes Young Hot Wife he begings to tug and pull on the chain between her puffy distended niplles bringing a moan of pleasure from her gagged lips. Taking the chain he attaches it to her throat collar pulling it tightly until her once sagging nipples are now pointing up he ties it securely. He then ties a crotch rope between her pussy lips putting a strand on eiter side of her swollen clitand thru the crack of her ass to the back of her collar and pulls it tight until her clit is prtruding between the strands.

Young Hot Wife Backing away he surveys his captive, then drops to his knees and taking her firm ass cheeks in his hands  pulsls her body to him and blows on her swollen clit before licking and sucking it gently as she screams into her gag and bucks against her bonds. He  brings  her over and over to the very edge bringing her to the point of no return but then  backs off before she can reach that point of release she so needs. Her beautiful tight little body is glistening with sweat and the cum from her Young Hot Wife previous forced orgasms which is running down her thighs causing her nylons to shine with their wetness. Her swollen empty pussy begs for a touch. DAMMIT why doesnt someone fuck me she thinks in her sexual addictied mind.

Date: July 17, 2020