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Young girl Courtesans Then Dukido raised her and opened the shower. He applied soap on her boobs, her cunt hole and in her asshole also.  This gave Helen a kick and had her orgasm. Cleaning her boobs Dukido started sucking her nipple and pressed another boob using his hand. Helen became more and more horny. She also applied soap on the penis and moved the foreskin front and back.  Again the fourteen inches snake leaned its head. Dukido gently pressed his gigantic penis into her cunt hole the soap solution and her orgasm helped his penis to penetrate. Slowly and steadily he pressed inch by inch and at last succeeded in penetrating the entire length. It went inside and touched her womb.
Young girl Courtesans Dukido very slowly fucked Helen. His penis grates rubbed gently her cunt walls and that gave Helen immense pleasure. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the happiness. Tears were falling out from her eyes because of extraordinary sensations. She bit him on his shoulders and kissed him on his cheeks and his lips also. She bit his lips also sucked the saliva. Dukido also opened his mouth and admitted the tongues to play with each other. Because of this Helen had her orgasm again. Both were Cumming at the same time.
Young girl Courtesans Dukido bathed her and dried her with a towel.
He lay her on the bed. James, seeing hair in her armpits and on her cunt said that if a producer or a director sees the cunt with full of hair he won’t select her. Using a razor he cleanly shaved all. While shaving his little brother woke up and made a tent in his lungy.
Helen saw that and held the penis in her hand. His lungy fell and James also became nude.
Young girl Courtesans Helen pulled the penis and James went nearby her
Having James’s penis in her mouth she sucked it as fastly as she could. James was very much pleased and he kissed her boobs and sucked the nipples.
Young girl Courtesans Meanwhile Dukido started licking her cunt. He sucked her clitoris by his long tongue and penetrated the cunt hole and fucked by his tongue itself. This made Helen to be more horny and she had her orgasm. She begged James to fuck her. But James asked her to fuck him in the cow-girl posture. Young girl Courtesans
Young girl Courtesans Helen sat on James and started riding on James. Dukido asked her to stop and started fucking her in her asshole. He spat more saliva on his penis and lubricated it. He slowly pushed it into the asshole

Date: May 27, 2020
Actors: ariana