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Yoga Mom She had this pair of tights in her hands and cuts the legs off, now climb into these my love. Yes Miss Christine. Let’s get all this tucked up into the inguinal canal out of the way. She got me to pause and turn side-on, apparently I’d a fine lordotic curve for a man and we wouldn’t wish to spoil the line; pull the tights right up to the waist. Did a pretty good job in making everything genital disappear, quite happy with the look, nothing to see, a dark blue pencil skirt lay on her bed.

Yoga Mom              We put, sorry I put the red knickers on, looked a bit funny with the rather fine gaff. Now be very careful with these ‘sissy boy’ they are brand new and cost a fortune if you ladder them all the time. A pair of Charnos body shaper 15 denier black tights. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder getting into the second leg of the tights. Hey, no hips to boast about, but everything neatly tucked away the line looked terrific.

Yoga Mom           She sat me down at her dressing table and I watched her in the mirror drying and back combing my hair to give the volume. When she finished with the hair dryer the hair was all fluffed out down to my shoulders, so feminine, my heart skipped a beat, really me?

Yoga Mom               Christine helped me into a familiar bra, often seen about the house drying. We’d one of those old fashioned pulley affairs in the kitchen, too big a bra for Maggie, not smart enough for Aesha so must be Catriona’s by default. Scrunched up soiled tights to act as padding for the bra and we Yoga Mom set to work on creams and foundation to get rid of the shadow. Then she used eyeshadow from her Charlotte Tilbury palette to bring out my eyes. If only I’d the legs of the model for the Charnos tights

Date: April 5, 2021