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Yoga Lesson Then i said no chance for me till know i said.. She said then how do you think i had sex i too shy girl like you..

Yoga Lesson I smiled and replied to her even though you are shy but gorgeous girl… She smiled and i dared to ask her kiss but she got angry and said how can u ask me like that we 2 don’t even proposed even till know how do u asked? In this mean while i went near her and kissed on her check she pulled me back.. We sat idle for 2 mints and i felt sorry for thing and explained her about situation i am in “i am not able to control myself by seeing her Yoga Lesson so near to me.. And frankly explained about how i felt by seeing her in her blue t shirt and track and said her that your top is revealing you breasts to me i can scan you breast and i just want to touch them and sense them ” by these words she felt shame of herself and tried to cover her breasts with pillow but i said already i have scanned why to hide ” she asked me then what

Yoga Lesson You want…I said i want a good relationship with you and i gave her French kiss she too responded well and we exchanged our tongues for 10 mints and hugged each other and i tried to reveal her breasts she said plz no no no…I said her just to show to me she agreed to show and i was so excited to see her breasts she removed her Yoga Lesson t-shirt and take off her bra and show me her boobs…….I was shocked to see girls breasts for real, i have no word to speak by seeing them and tried to touch she objected but i convinced her to touch with my hands they felt really soft and good shaped i kissed her and breasts. And massaged for some time here there the real story comes all of sudden bell rang she adjusted herself and went to see from spied eye it is her sister in law she got afraid and said me hide

Yoga Lesson Some were but no opposition i don’t know much about their flat and unexpectedly i hided down of bed. She opened the door and sister in law asked why it took long; she said she is sleeping.. Sister in law went to her room and got relaxed i was still down of bed but managed to get out after 2 hrs. hiding but while going i was glanced by some members and complained to her brother and sister in law…Then after i did not see her i think “they came to know about this and send her back to her state

Date: May 10, 2020