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Yoga Ball There were some toys on the night stand table that were catching my eye. I grabbed the silk blindfold and slipped it over her eyes. I then took the feather from the night stand and ran it in between her “C” cup breasts that literally never move. The light color of her nipples blended in with the freckles on her body. As the feather ran down her chest, she jumped and the chains of the restraints gave their first chatter.

Yoga Ball I was really enjoying this as I feathered her all over her body. She squirmed and cussed at me for torturing her this way! I quickly stuffed her mouth with a gag ball and secured it with a strap around the back of her neck. At this point, she still had her panties on. It was time to rip the lace and tear them off of her! Her pink labia was exposed and was glistening a bit. I grabbed the massage wand from the Yoga Ball toy area and began rubbing her pussy on the lowest setting first. She began to buck a bit and those chains began to chatter again as she moaned through the gag ball. I turned up the intensity of the wand a bit. Her sounds got even louder.

Yoga Ball I began to alternate the massaging wand with my two fingers as I penetrated her soaked bright pink pussy. Against her natural porcelain skin, her pussy was so pink and was ready for a tasting. Her juices were running into her ass crack and onto the sheets. I removed the ball gag so I could hear Yoga Ball her pleasure as I tasted her. She had some oversized lips that were fun to play with and suck on in my mouth. Her clit began to reveal itself as she relaxed a bit and enjoy her licking.

My cock was so engorged at this point. I stood on the floor to remove my clothes and climbed back onto Yoga Ball the bed to straddle her shoulders as she laid there wondering what I was about to do. I knew she could feel my warm balls on her face as she attempted to lick around her mouth to find them as she was still blindfolded. She was pinned by my legs as I straddled and slapped my cock down on her face. I rubbed it on her face and brought it to her mouth as she took him in. I let her play for a minute before I Yoga Ball began to penetrate deeper into her mouth as she gagged. Her spit was running out the sides of her mouth as she became a sloppy mess. 

Date: April 9, 2021