Wrong hole Shy blonde (Lisey Sweet) has break in fetish


Wrong hole the classroom and they thought it was great and that I had already conquered the new girl. Nobody knew who he was and I did not remember anything yesterday. Everyone was rumored that it was my new conquest. The class continued normal as every day at this university. Suddenly my phone rang, a photo had arrived, I was afraid to open it, for some reason. In the picture I was with a huge thick white cock, inside my mouth, full of lots of milk. All my world was paralyzed I did not know what to Wrong hole think, suddenly I got hard and I got wet. in the photo he said that he sucked very rich and they had never felt this way, they had it, that made me think about many things. There is more where it came from in the photo. with melany I turned around slowly and she was staring at me and she wrote me another text. At 12 pm, I’ll wait for you in the men’s room … I was very nervous, I did not know what was happening, everything around me turned around, I just wanted to escape from there. At the Wrong hole same time I felt a huge pressure coming from Melany. All the recess time came to meet the new girl and I was with my friends but at the same time there was not, my mind was thinking that it had happened. The weird taste in my mouth when I woke up and my aching ass, all this was making me more nervous than I already was. I went to the roof to be alone with myself the final I could not listen to Wrong hole anyone, I was now in my own thoughts … My phone rang and it was her with a message … If you do not want all your friends and family, see how sissy you are, do not forget our appointment, with love Melany. I felt as if I was sinking into an abyss. My head said that this could not be happening

Date: August 19, 2020
Actors: lisey sweet / sinner