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Wild Sex Party But then… to my surprise… she comes back. She still has it on. She still has it on! She’s pure sex. Her slim athletic body hugged tight in black fishnet. She shyly slinks onto the bed and kisses me. I kiss her long, slow, and tenderly. It seems to build her confidence. Suddenly she pins me down and squats above me. (She’s been getting more and more dominant lately. Ever since she gave up on Wild Sex Party me dominating her. Which is what she would prefer. Only I’m no good at it.) She eases herself onto my throbbing cock. She rides it like she wants to break it. She cums all over it moaning like it’s the first one she’s ever had inside her. She’s ravenous. Insatiable. I lay back and enjoy the show. Watching her toned body. Watching her pussy working my cock. Watching her face, eyes closed, head Wild Sex Party back, mouth wide. She is made for sex! I put a hand on her breast. She slaps my face. She takes the hand and puts it back by my side. ‘No touching unless I say so! You know that.’

I obey. She’s on her feet, crouching. She’s putting on a show that I could watch all night. Eventually she lowers herself onto her knees and locks her lower legs under mine. She kisses me and groans “Fuck Wild Sex Party me!” I need you to fuck me.’ She’s so wet that I can feel it running down over my balls. “I need a real man’s cock!” She thrusts her tongue into my mouth. Each time she brings herself to the brink of orgasm I shift sightly to back her off. She’s increasingly desperate. Eventually I relent and pull her onto me to give her what she’s gagging for. I hold her hair and her ass as I thrust deep into her. She Wild Sex Party cums for ages. She’s always been loud. But she’s literally never had an orgasm this loud, or lasting this long. I try to keep her going as long as I can. It’s incredible how much this lingerie turns her on.

Date: September 29, 2021