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I continued to fuck her, and she asked me to cum in her, and I did. Now we both are on her bed cuddling. She said that’s one of the best she had in years.

Wife swap asian big tits She started talking about a lot of things. While talking, I have realized we work for the same company but a different building. Out of curiosity, I asked her to do you work with XXXX. She stopped talking and just changed the topic. I left her house and didn’t think about anything afterward.

Wife swap asian big tits After 2 weeks, I saw a lady in professional attire at my workplace. I saw her and realized its the country milf I fucked a couple of weeks ago. I walked past her tried to say “Hi,” but she never responded. I saw her walking in the break room. I saw her and said, “Hi” to see her response. She responded, “Hi,” and left. She was higher up, so I don’t want to anger her. Now I was confused, was it the same person or not.

Wife swap asian big tits I left work and sat in my car in the garage parking lot. I saw her walking towards my car. There were barely 4 cars at the moment. She opened my door, sat in my car. Unzipped and sucked me for 2 mins. She said, see you this weekend and left.

Date: May 26, 2022