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Virgo real estate agent The phone disconnected and I breathed a sigh of relief.

My sigh then turned again to a panic as I realised the embarrassing situation I was in.

Oh well, nothing I could do now. My position was really uncomfortable so I reverse wiggled to kneel back on the pillow, my chest resting against the edge of the bed and my arms in front of me.

I ran through the options of what I would say to Bal. I thought about her often and had even jerked-off a few times thinking about her.

Virgo real estate agent Bal was a lovely woman, late 40s, living alone. Her husband had died about 5 years before and that’s when she decided to take some part time jobs. She had two grown-up sons living in town.

Bal was soft. She had lovely long black hair that fells in curls around her shoulders. She kept in shape and I could tell she had large breasts but she never dressed to show off her body.

Virgo real estate agent I had talked to her once or twice when I was home when she was cleaning and she said she had tried dating but it never felt right. I wanted to ask her about her sex life but that would be clearly going too far. Well, I was about to go too far now…

After another 15 minutes of alternate stimulation from the dildo I was relieved when I heard a knock on the door. I didn’t respond and sure enough I heard the key and the door opening.

“Paul?” It was Bal’s lovely soft voice.

I swallowed deeply and replied “in the bedroom”.

Virgo real estate agent I heard Bal put her bag down and open the door. The door was directly behind me and I couldn’t see anything. I heard the gasp and then a small giggle.

“Oh, I see” said Bal. I felt her standing behind me.

“Did you do this to yourself”? she asked.

I said I did.

She giggled again.

“Ah, now it makes sense” she said and I felt her hand stroke the top of my leg, at the band of the stocking. “I saw a packet of stockings in the trash but couldn’t think why”

Virgo real estate agent “Then when I was cleaning on Tuesday I saw the shoes in the cupboard and noticed they were a large size as well as the stockings”. “I thought you had a new girlfriend, a tall girlfriend, but I saw no other evidence”.

I just slumped on the bed. At that, the dildo kicked-in and I squirmed and moaned a little.

“Oooh, you really are enjoying this aren’t you”. I started to respond but wondered if Bal could see the dildo inside of me.

I just said “yes, this is a real turn on for me”.

Virgo real estate agent Bal moved behind me and I could sense her standing to my side where the toy box was on the bed. She gasped again and I heard a rustling and she must have been browsing the box.

“are all these things yours”? she asked.

I was going to answer but then thought why isn’t she just releasing me.

Virgo real estate agent “Yes, Bal, but that’s not the point is it and…” was as far as I got before the dildo started again in high mode and I just squirmed once more, moaning softly.

“Oooh, do tell, what is the point” she asked playfully.

Date: June 12, 2020