Vintage Movie KELLY MADISON Enjoys a Weekend Getaway Fuck Party


Vintage Movie More than a good minute actually; and it was two guys, not one.  Gareth and Stephan were both enjoying the display and we are not talking about the ferns here. They were both connoisseurs of fem-arse and this was quality nubile butt in tight fitting faded jeans. As the young lass turned out of the display window, they took in her full petite form and her appealing curvy chest, her cherry topped muffins only two layers down, a pastel pink t-shirt and a standard bra in the way of nature and male fondling. They were titty aficionados too.

Vintage Movie However; above all they were both natural camel toe seekers. Verity’s jeans were hip hugging and skin tight. Too just right, actually, from a guy’s perspective.  Gareth and Stephan in sync did the male downward glance and were rewarded with an absolute stunner, a perfectly defined mound.  It was criminal that this chick wasn’t naked because the magnetism, the outline, the definition of her V was actually cock pulsating.  They both would have hit hard on’s in record time; if Verity hadn’t responded back to their initial request for service. Though in their minds what needed servicing had suddenly changed.

Vintage Movie They were now both watching the flounce of her untamed curly ginger locks as Verity moved behind the shop counter. Both guys deciding in their minds independently but mentally concurring, some ginger fuzz was a must, between her thighs, given her great light natural hair colour.

Vintage Movie “Sorry, I was busy but what can I do for you?” and Verity was taking them both in, they were in their early twenties. Both in suits, looking very suave and packing it in their pants by the looks of it. But she steadied; the roving eyes of the pair, not one big bad wolf, but two, real bad boys for sure.

Date: August 18, 2021