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Two wet matured pussies First I sat on the auto and said the driver that she is my wife, let she sit on my lap we can adjust it, she also sat without any word, I keep on playing with my tongue and hands all over the body by pressing her hip, ass and boobs. I keep on rubbing my dick over her covered ass, she also loved it and leaned back on my shoulder and enjoy my hands playing all over her body. We reached the school. I waited outside, and she go in and come out with her son. She introduced myself as uncle to Two wet matured pussies her son. We returned and were walking through our streets, I purposely pressed her ass through her saree. #She got blushed and said “We were near to. my home, so please mind your hands raj ”

I laughed and said, “How can I control by seeing these two creamy jack fruits(ass). I want to eat it.”

Two wet matured pussies She replied that “Please keep quite, my son would hear us, don’t worry I will be yours, just one week will past as fast as a day.”

I said, “1 week is a long gap darling, please take my number call me and if chance we can have a nude sex chat, it would be good to pass a week.”

Two wet matured pussies She accepted and saved my number in her phone. We reached our home, so, I said goodbye and retuned back to my home. After an hour a car arrives, she come out of her house with her husband and son, they get into the car, and she look around and gave a flying kiss to me and get back to normal before anyone notice her. They have gone, and I retuned back to my room. #In Evening, she sent me a message, “Hi”, I asked her about her journey, She said that they were still in their travel and her husband and son were sleeping. 

Date: June 30, 2020
Actors: johnny castle