Two vaginas Bailey Brooke Creampied By Her Neighbor


Two vaginas “Fifty-Seven,” Shell called clicking the customer counter as she did, and Karen stepped to the counter.

“How may-“

Karen cut her off, “That piece of junk computer you sold me six seeks ago won’t turn on!”

“Ma’am did you make sure it was plugged in,” Shell asked?

Yes, I understand it is an insulting question for those of you reading this. However, it is one of the most common problems people face when their computer will not come on. That is why in pretty much every electronics manual there is it says make sure it is plugged in, has batteries, etc.

Two vaginas Karen looked like she was going to need EMS, like she would stroke out as her eyes narrowed.

“You little…,” She bit it off. “Let me speak the manager,” Karen demanded.

Robbie stepped forward looking like he had rather been stabbed in the balls that deal with Karen. To me, the madder she got the more I thought what my dad had told me a few months ago about angry women.

Two vaginas Mom had been being kind of bitchy for a few days to all of us. I had come home from practice and heard mom snap at dad in the kitchen, then it got suddenly quite I walked into the kitchen to see what no one should ever see. Dad had mom bent over the table, pounding her. I turned and ran out of the house. Yeah, I knew my mom and dad had sex, but I did not need to see it.

A few days later, after trying to avoid them both, dad caught me sneaking into the kitchen for food. I had been avoiding dinner since the incident.


Two vaginas I was bent over, head in the fridge, and I jumped hearing dad’s voice.

“Son, sometimes when a woman is bitchy you just got to give her attitude a little adjustment.”

I was just staring at my dad who had a smile on his face.

Date: August 8, 2020