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gifts for mom Hi all I am a fan of desi gang bang stories and I am follower of this website, there is not a single day without masturbating after reading story from this site.

gifts for mom This all about my romantic day with my girl friend; a brief intro about me I am a little darker but looks attractive (my friends use to say) I am Kumar from Chennai working in an IT company in OMR road. This is about the day with my girlfriend in theatre which happened 3yrs back. She is Roopika (name not changed) she is an unemployed that time she is a B.E graduate from a reputed college in Chennai outskirts. We got to become friends through her brother. Initially we got introduced about ourselves and spoke about our education family and personal likes and dislikes to our surprise we had lot of similar likes and dislikes and we had our own flashback failures in past love we shared about it and actually we become close in that matter so we used to chat 16hrs out of 24hrs of a day.

gifts for mom Day to day our texting becomes sexting on some occasions, and phone talks become sex talks and we enjoyed our days through sharing our 2 piece 1 piece and nude pictures with each other and fantasized. One day while sexting she asked me to send my dick snap and since we were sexting its already erected and seeing it she asked me to measure it and send the size I said its above 6.5 inches she said oh is it I wanna measure it and do it when chance gifts for mom comes. One fine day when her parents were out while watching TV some romantic scene has aroused her so she texted me talk something to feel wet, I got aroused reading that and we were romancing and I am talking how I will seduce her as if she is near me and whenever I am saying about stripping her dress one by one she removed on her own and finally when she was in only bra and panty.

gifts for mom She said her panty is completely wet we started to talk sexily and she started fingering and she cummed out in 10mins and then I asked what you were thinking; she said she was listening to my talk and thinking I am fucking her well and after that she romanced me and helped me in mastering it was a great feel. At last she asked me she want to get fucked really soon I said I will come now to fuck you baby she said not now her mom can come anytime gifts for mom nu so will plan for some other day nu we decided. Finally the day come since she was searching for job I found a job in opportunities and said her she requested me to take her there as she is not much outgoing and I took leave for my office and morning picked her up in a common place where we will meet up she came in a dark orange colour dress which is fit to her body (small intro about her structure she has 36-boobs) and good butt sexy damn sexy and little short in height about 5.2 and a small sexy tummy. Most attractive is her eyes and boobs.

gifts for mom Since the dress is fit to her body her boobs are trying to bulge out of her bra I can view the strap of her bra and panties outline from her dress seeing it my cock erected I said her this she gave me sexy smile and looked at it and said will take care of it and we started our ride to interview spot but to my surprise the conditions they put cannot be accepted by her and we came out within 10mins and she asked what to do I said first will have something for our gifts for mom stomach so we went to juice parlour we had juice and chatted and finally came to conclusion to go to movie. We went to browsing booked movie in a very popular theatre in Chennai with last row couples seat it’s an English movie 3d. We reached 10mins before the time and settled in our seat she is to my left. I decided this is time to explore her body. gifts for mom

Date: December 14, 2019