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Thick brunette I folded the seat next to me forward so that it laid flat and gave great access to the third-row bench seat. “I want you on your knees on that bench seat with your body and head hanginf over the seat. I only want to see that pale bottom when I tug those sweats down to your knees” I told her in a stern tone. “Yes, sir” she said as she climbed through the middle of the seats and put her knees in the seat and herself over the back of it.

Thick brunette I tugged those cute little sweatpants down, knowing she had nothing on underneath from when I fingered her earlier. Her pink cunt was already glistening again and I removed my pants and underwear. A little spit in my hands to get my cock wet just a bit and wham! My swollen cock was so deep and she loved it. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard, Daddy” was all I could remember her saying. She was so tight and had worked me up so much beforehand, that I felt the twitch in my cock way too soon.

Thick brunette I pulled him out to give him a little break and to play with her with my fingers and tongue. She was still shower fresh as I tasted her. “Fill me up Daddy” she said to me as I could not resist having my cock in her some more. Then in no time the tingle was upon me again. She knew it was too as she could feel the swelling between her legs. “Dirty up my little pussy, cum anywhere you want” she said.

Thick brunette I took both of my hands and reach forward under her sweatshirt to get a couple handfuls of her breasts. I grabbed them aggressively as I cupped them. I was cumming and I was cumming hard! I was moaning like a beast. She was moaning as well as she could feel me pulsating inside her as I released. As I finished, I sat back into the second row seat. She turned around and sat on the bench Thick brunette seat she had her knees on. She had still not pulled up her pants as she wanted to catch my cum rolling out of her. She had it all over her hands and fingers. I believe she called it a “glorious mess”.

Date: December 22, 2020