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Teenager homemade “That’s very sweet of you to say young man but I’m older than your mother.” Inger said while she patted his hand with hers and pressed her thigh against his.

Todd blushed but did not move away from the contact.

“I was born in nineteen twenty three which makes me forty eight and I doubt if your mother has seen forty summers yet.”

“Forty one actually but thank you. Most days I feel every year of that forty one.”

Teenager homemade “You don’t look it though Lois.”

“I think you both look great whatever the age.” Todd interjected.

“You are a dear. So well mannered and so strong too. You have raised quite the young man here Lois.”

“Todd.” Lois said turning to her son, “Do you think your schedule would allow for helping Mrs Jensen for a few weeks before you go off to college. Three weeks would give her just the time she would need to get over her tendinitis flare up.”

Teenager homemade “I wouldn’t want to impose like that.” Inger said. “I’m sure the young man has a lot of other things he would rather be doing than milking cows for an old lady.”

“I wouldn’t mind. Really I wouldn’t. I don’t know how though.”

Teenager homemade “I could show you. You certainly have the muscles for it.” As Inger said this she stroked his forearm from elbow to wrist. When she did so her right breast pressed against his upper arm. Todd shuddered and his cock strained inside his denim as it hardened with instant desire.

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That first July morning when Todd arrived at the Jensens farmhouse door well before dawn was a very exciting one for him. It was the day after the tea at their house and he had agreed to arrive before dawn so that she could show him how to milk the cows. Lois had offered to come over as well but Inger had said she was already imposing too much on them and Todd would be able to master the task quickly in her opinion.

Teenager homemade For his part Todd was glad his mother didn’t tag along. He had gotten a strong sexual vibe from Mrs Jensen and his teenage hormones and imagination were running wild. Had she deliberately rubbed her thigh and breast against him or was it innocent contact?

Teenager homemade He had hardly slept and had masturbated twice during the fitful night. He was hard again as he stood in the darkness outside her door and knocked.

Date: April 19, 2021