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Teenager Black Hardcore Babe Her silky top half opened her perfect breasts and line of her waist was so seductive that I forgot how to breath. Hard as hell I came to her and easily opened the drawer. Filters for coffee were there. “I don’t know who put it there but here we go”. I took the filters and looked at her. “You want it or I can do coffee for us two”? She looked at me and then her look went down to my lips: “First, I think you shouldn’t be that close to me. Second, it’s a crime to be so sexy”. I looked at her with light shock. Why in the world she would say something like that? She thinks I’m sexy?

Teenager Black Hardcore Babe “Umm, I don’t know what to say, but I gave promise to my friend which is your brother, I can’t think about you in a sexual way”.

She didn’t move her body and it was few inches between us. Instead, her finger drew light line on my chest.

“So, you gonna make coffee for me?” Her finger teased me so badly.

Teenager Black Hardcore Babe “Yes. How do you want it”? I swallowed very loud.

“Well, usually I like it hard and all the way, with light cream”. Her finger kept drawing different lines on my chest, moving down. I caught her finger and stopped it.

“Please, don’t do it. You know I can’t. I promised”.

“Do you like it shaved or trimmed?” Her hands slightly moved her little cotton shorts just enough to drive me crazy.

Teenager Black Hardcore Babe “I-I don’t know…and I-I don’t think I care”, my dick was so hard I could break a wall with it. And she teased me so bad. Did she know guys would get hard just by seeing her?

“Do you think you can make me cum? Eat me out”? My dream girl looked straight in my eyes with this question on her lips. I don’t think she realized how many times I dreamed about it. Open her legs wide and stick my tongue deep inside, sucking out her juices. Playing with her clit, letting it become big and sensitive.

Date: July 12, 2020