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Teen stepdaughter squirts First of all I am sorry for my English, my English is not perfect. Today I am going to tell you a great incident of my life, my name is Ankur Kumar Shrivastav, I am 23 years old. I am the only child of my parents. My father`s name is Mohan Kumar Shrivastav, he is 46 years old. My mother`s name is Anita Shrivastav, she is 43 years old, she does`nt look like a heroine but she beautiful enough to raise anybody`s dick. This incident happened 3 years earlier, When we were living in Gurgaon ( Haryana ), my father lost his job and after that he could not find any job and got depressed and started drinking heavenly due to which our Teen stepdaughter squirts family economy gone very down. Then my mother decided to do job and after lots of interviews she got the job in a Mobile call center as a call attendant and after a month with the help of my mother I also got the job in the same call center as a call attendant. And also I was doing private B.A. side by side. After one month I got promoted as a team leader and my mother got promoted as a manager. Now our family economic situation got stronger. After a couple of months one day I heard some ladies talking in the office that I got promotion due to my mother and my mother got promotion because she has an affair with our boss ( our boss is around 47 years). I got very angry and on the spot I asked that ladies what vulgar they were talking, then that ladies said sorry and went. Teen stepdaughter squirts

Teen stepdaughter squirts After some days I again heard some people talking about my mother`s affair but I did`nt said anything to them, after some days these affair talking increased. And now I also got a doubt in my mind because of those sudden promotions and one more thing my mother use to do night shift at least thrice a week. Then I made a plan to chase my mother when she will go to the night shift to find the truth. One night when she was going to the night shift, she hired a taxi from a turn and after 20 minutes ride I found that she was not going to the office, she went to a big Teen stepdaughter squirts house which was around 5 k.m. far from our office. Our boss`s car was parked outside that house. I was chasing her on my bike. I was shocked and angry when I saw that my mother was entering that big house. I have decided that today I will just kill that bastard man.

Date: June 1, 2020