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Teen lesbian massage This response came as music to your Sir, and if you had not been blindfolded you would have seen his cock surge turgid and firm with fresh hardness. Unawares to you, secretly, his dominant desire nearly overtook him as his gaze took in the beauty of your fragrantly shaven fresh pussy. Pussy lips that were swollen, wet, and glistening with desire. Licking his own lips, he wanted so badly to sink his tongue and throbbing cock deep into that delicious mound, but knew better, and waited, letting the discipline carry this stimulating game further forward.

Teen lesbian massage Standing bound but feeling emboldened with this new erotic discovery, you shivered a little as goosebumps rose over your slender body, ass cheeks still wet from his delicious tonguing, yet still warm from the heat of the belt. You waited, beautifully naked and exposed, open to whatever attention I chose to give; your ass a nice rosy red, with the heat centered in your clit and pussy, keen now, throbbing and needy, a clear effect of this decadent punishment you enjoyed.

Teen lesbian massage Not seeing, you now felt my warmth move close as I silently returned to you. The tip of the belt, sliding down your spine, leaving more shivers in its wake. Once it moved past the small of your back, you waited, bracing for what came next. You gasped, as the next sensation was not the leather, but a thick, smooth finger gliding between your wet ass cheeks, skimming ever so lightly over your rosebud. I chose to slowly encircle your delicate opening, moving, caressing, probing. This delicious Teen lesbian massage sensation caused you to arch to the fullest extent permitted by the restraints. To your surprise I grabbed both inflamed cheeks, driving my wet tongue past the heat, and into your rosebud, gradually encircling, tormenting your ass with long leisurely licks. You attempted to push back, but to no avail, moaning against this tasty sensation, suddenly you felt two fingers driving deep into your other wet opening, working in and out in rhythm with the wicked tonguing of your ass. Unable to Teen lesbian massage move one way or the other, you could feel the sexual storm rise within as I drove you higher, front and back, tonguing and finger thrusting in concert.

Date: June 20, 2020
Actors: katarina muti