Teen fantasizes about getting choked during sex


Teen fantasizes She started laughing and said that her husband thinks that she has a bad figure..And her boobs are too big..I mustered courage and said if I was her husband I would play with her tits all day long and fuck her till he cums several times..Through her maxi I could see that her nipples are getting hard and milk was oozing out of them..She caught me looking at her tits and said that due to her nipples being so sensitive she could not wear a bra because it hurts..Seizing the opportunity I suggested that I could help her to milk her tits.. Teen fantasizes

Teen fantasizes To my surprise she says ok..But lets go the bathroom because the floor will get dirty..She enters the bathroom and strips down to her underwear..As she was wearing no bra I saw her naked tits for the first time..It was bigger than I expected and I wanted to squeeze it as hard as I could..She asks me to milk her from behind and asked me to be gentle.I cupped her breasts..They were the softest thing I ever laid my hands upon..I starts pressing her tits gently and milk started squirting out..

Teen fantasizes She started to moan as if she was enjoying it.This was the signal I was waiting for..I started squeezing her tits as hard I could..Milk was spraying everywhere..Gradually she was moaning loudly..I suggested that if I suck her nipples milk will come out quickly..She agreed..I started to squeeze and suck on her tits like a madman..She was losing her control..I asked her if I could kiss her..She said yes..

Teen fantasizes We kissed for atleast 10 minutes..Oral fluids started to flow from our mouths to the floor..Suddenly she asks me to stand up..I did..She starts to lick my cock while the underwear was on..This gave me a massive erection..She removed my undies and starts licking my dickhead..The pleasure I felt while she took my whole dick in her mouth is beyond description..She was horny and was munching on my cock like it was a delicious snack!!..Her oral juices had made my dick sticky wet..She starts stroking my dick like crazy..I could not hold it in anymore..I came all over her beautiful face..And she drank every last drop of my cum..

Date: May 30, 2020