Teen Caught Fuck Lets Stain Our Parents Sheets – Abella Danger


Teen Caught Fuck Then suddenly I stopped and found that these were my hidden desires since I was of 18 years I always desired to fuck my mother, love her as a lover I always want to take off her saree with my own hands, want to feel her body her private parts her melons like boobs her wide ass, want to feel my dick inside her pussy, heat of her body….. want to feel myself inside her arms. Actually I always liked mature ladies more than a girl. So I stopped and Teen Caught Fuck changed the plan. My plan was firstly I`ll emotional blackmail her and if she doesnt agree then I`ll directly blackmail her. Then I went back to home and then I called my mother on her cell and told her that father is shouting and struggling very badly and she has to come at any cost but mom refused to come but after half-an hour of arguing on the cell she agreed to come. Then after half-an hour she came and founded that there is nothing wrong with my father. Then she came in my room and asked me what happened. I said to sit her. She sat on the edge of the bed. Then….. Teen Caught Fuck

ME : Where you were being ?
MOM : In the office, you know that.
ME : Yeah, but you don`t know that tonight I chased you and you have gone to a house to the boss, I Teen Caught Fuck knew everything
MOM : ( She was just blank ) what are you talking about ?
ME : Mom I know everything that you never gone to night shift, you always goes to that house where our boss already waits for you to come and then you both…….. and don`t lie me I have seen you in that house and I know that this the reason why you got the promotion.
MOM : ( she started crying ) I have done this just to live a better life. I was alone. But I promise you, Teen Caught Fuck I`ll not do this again and I`ll leave that job also. I am sorry. Please don`t tell anybody.

ME : ( I stopped my mom crying ) mom, listen to me, I can understand, but I want to tell something else.
ME : ( after 5 or 6 seconds ) Mom, I love you as a son but more as a lover , mom, mom listen me listen me I really love you from past 4 years and I want you to love me more as your lover. I can`t see you Teen Caught Fuck with some other man. I feel jealous. And I can be the man in your life who can keep you happy and satisfied also.
MOM : What are you saying, have you gone mad, I am your mom and this is a sin, this can`t happen.
ME : Mom this is not a sin. Look mom just think I am a man and you are a woman and love can happen with anybody. It happens automatically. It does`nt happens by thinking first.
MOM : No, Teen Caught Fuck
ME : Mom I love you, I love you very much.

Date: June 1, 2020
Actors: abella danger