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teen asshole When Susan’s mother found out about her daughter’s activities, she nearly had a stroke. She outright cussed Susan, and slapped her a couple of times too. I must confess that it was I who told her mother about Susan’s crazy request but, in my defense, she had called soon after Susan had walked out, and I needed to vent.

Susan moved out of Kathy’s home not long after signing the divorce papers. Apparently, they weren’t getting along so well. I didn’t know the details and really didn’t care either.

I discovered that Susan had moved in with one of her fuck buddies, and that he wanted her to ‘entertain’ his friends. Susan was certainly the person for the job.

teen asshole Maria and I were happily courting and, thankfully, Lorie liked her.

Maria and Lorie’s first meeting was interesting. Rather rudely, I thought, Lorie walked up to Maria, looked her over, then looked at me and said, “I thought you preferred women with bigger tits.”

Maria was very self-assured and comfortable with her body image, and reacted by bursting into laughter over Lorie’s audacious remark. She knew that Susan had DDs, and could see that Lorie took after her mother, in that respect.

teen asshole Lorie followed her remark by hugging Maria, and surprised me by saying, “I am so glad daddy has you. You are so good for him.”

Maria replied, “I’m the lucky one. I’m so glad I have him.”

Then Lorie kissed her cheek, and a bond of friendship was established.

About five months after the divorce, Maria and I were asleep in bed, when we were woken by someone pounding on the front door. Grabbing my baseball bat, I went to the door and looked through the peephole. A strange man was standing outside, ready to knock again.

teen asshole “What do you want?” I shouted through the door.

“Thank god. Thank god,” he replied, sounding relieved.

“Hey, do you know a Susan Benson?” he continued.

“What about her?” I asked tersely.

teen asshole “I’m Hank. I’m an Uber driver. She’s waiting in my car. She’s been badly hurt. I tried to persuade her to go to the hospital, but she insisted that I bring her here, because she knew that you would help her.”

I tur

Date: September 28, 2020