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Tattooed Hot Teen babes Istand about shoulder hight to him. Bit the three things he says he likes about me is mu long red hair handfull tits and the small bubble butt that I wiggle for him every time I get the chance.
Friday night is our date night we always put frifday to the side for one another and sometime even are able to have Saturdy night as well.
We spent the whole night drinking and having fun before going to bed and having our alone time. HMike Tattooed Hot Teen babes is one of them guys that does not look like he is packing but the first time you see it your knees get weak and you wonder if your going to be able to take it.
He went home the next mornig we talked ove rthe phone Saturday and even sunday.Monday rolled around and I heard the door bell ring. Upon opening it it was Mike never before has he ever showed up unanounced.
Tattooed Hot Teen babes He wanted to spend the evening with me and watch Dallas play the forty ninners. I never have benn much into foot ball but who could complain with your man right next to you. We watched the pregame and had a few beers I began talking shit about his team. Saying that Dallas sucked and all that stuff. I had no idea what I was talking about I figured I could at least pretend.
Tattooed Hot Teen babes Befoer the gane I sen he was getting a little upset or at least annoyed with me.
” Why don’t we make a bet girlfriend?”
“Hell why not. what you got ?”
” If Miami wins I’ll do what ever you want the rest of the night. But if Dallas wins I get what you have refused me sense we have been dating. That tight little ass of yours.”

Date: July 14, 2020
Actors: mey madness