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Taboo sleeping Well done. Male Cop: Yes, indeed. No less than this piece of crap deserves. Todd [spitting]: You’re my wife! My stepdaughter! I’m slaving to pay for that goddamned college! Sue: That doesn’t mean you get to sleep with her! Nikky: You don’t own us! Todd: Dammit, I love both of—aaaagggghhhhhhhh! [FEMALE COP wrenches TODD’s arm, hard.] Female Cop: Shut it, punk. Male Cop: Someone obviously didn’t get the message. Female Cop: You mean, “The radical notion that women are people”?

Taboo sleeping Male Cop: That’s the one. Nikky [delighted]: I’ve got that tattooed at the base of my spine! Todd [to COPS]: Fuck you! Fuck you! This is my family! I love them! Sue: Monsters don’t have family, Todd. Officers, please get this . . . thing out of here. Todd [rages at MALE COP]: Traitor! Gender traitor! You can’t— [FEMALE COP bashes TODD on the head, then muffles him with a ball gag.] Male Cop: Get used to that, bubba. Where you’re going, your mouth’s gonna be full a lot.

Taboo sleeping [TODD struggles. The COPS push him outside. Nikky: Don’t protect his head! [Sound of a car driving off. NIKKY and SUE close the door.] Nikky: Holy crap, Mom. I can’t believe you did that. Sue: The kick? I’ve been at the gym— Nikky: No, Mom. The play-acting. During sex. You did all that? Sue [takes Nikky’s hands]: I’m sorry baby. I never thought it would go so far. Can you ever forgive me? Nikky [hugs SUE]: It’s okay, Mom. You taught me what men are like. They’re weak. Sue: That’s right, baby. Sisterhood is powerful. You’re my daughter, but we’re sisters in spirit. Nikky:

Taboo sleeping That’s right! [Looks around.] This is Todd’s house. But it’s full of horror. We need to cleanse it. Sue: I think you’re right. [considers] We could burn it down? Nikky: No . . . I was thinking we could exorcise its demons. I know! Let’s start a battered women’s shelter. And maybe a performance art space, just for women. Sue: That’s a superb idea! I’ve got Todd’s fortune. . . . let’s do it! [As NIKKY and SUE high-five, the scene freezes.] [Male SPOKESMAN Voice Over]: Betrayal. Arrest. Impoverishment. It happens all the time, even to the finest of stepfathers. Could it happen to you?

Date: March 6, 2019