taboo hbo Daddy Force Fucks My Dignity Away – Ashley Adams


taboo hbo Her hands were over my back and soon inside my t-shirt. My hands were over her boobs pressing them hard and making her moan. She took off my t-shirt and started kissing my neck, nipples and biting them in between. She started playing with my little hairy chest and I was trying to take my hands inside her nighty from the top

taboo hbo I pulled her bra down and pressed her boobs hard. Her nipples were erected. She was moaning and she was asking me to go even wild on her. I pulled her nighty down and found her awesome tight boobs with big areolas and tight nipples. I started sucking them hard. She was moaning and asking me to suck them hard.

I spat my saliva on those nipples and sucked them hard. I was also slowly biting them with my teeth. Her 36C boobs were big enough for me to suck at a time. I removed her nighty and bra and started sucking the side boobs which were shinning because of my saliva over it.

taboo hbo Then I started biting her there and pressing her nipples and squeezing her other boob. She opened my towel and her hands were now on my ass. I moved closer, kissed her tight, asked her to spit her saliva in my mouth and kissed her more. She was uncontrollable at that moment.

taboo hbo I went back to her boobs, kissed her cleavage and then went down to her navel. She was a bit chubby that I started biting her at her stomach. All this was making her mad and was making me super hard. I kissed her belly button and put some water in it and sucked it out. This made her scream and was begging me to insert. Her pussy smell mixed with her sweat was intoxicating.

taboo hbo I touched her pussy over the panty felt the wetness and the hair over it. That panty aroma was a killer. I started kissing her pussy over the panties and slowly, pulled it out while biting on her side thigh. Her hands were pushing me down. She raised her ass up so that I could remove her panty easily.

Date: April 28, 2020
Actors: ashley adams