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free hot mom I am Veeresh from Chennai. I married Shabana after she divorced her husband Zubair who was incapable of giving her any sexual satisfaction.

free hot mom After marriage, Shabana gave birth to a baby boy whom we named Kumar. We spent time happily for 6 years. One day my bosses in the office decided that I should be transferred to Lucknow, UP. I shifted with my family to Lucknow. Kumar, my six year old son was admitted to the first grade in a good school. At that time, Shabana was pregnant with my second child. She decided that she would go to her father’s house for delivery. Because of her advanced pregnancy she did not let me fuck her in the pussy. Instead, she would suck my dick and make me come. But I was getting bored of getting only blow jobs. I longed to fuck her pussy but could not. I was feeling frustrated.

free hot mom It was the night before Shabana left for Chennai. We both were in our bedroom and our son was sleeping in the next room. Shabana said, “Veeresh darling, I know it is going to be difficult for you when I am gone. You will have to cook for the two of you and do many little chores in the house. I want to give you a surprise gift before I leave. Close your eyes.” I did as she asked me to, closing my eyes. A moment later, she said, “You may open them now.” I opened my eyes to a most pleasant sight. She had come before me, and bent over with her back toward me. She had lifted up her night gown to reveal her lovely pussy.

free hot mom I instinctively inserted my finger into her, to which she responded with a moan of pleasure, “Oh, Veeresh, you naughty boy.” I finger fucked her slowly for some time. But while doing this, my dick had become erect and hard. I needed to fuck her right away. I slowly and carefully inserted my dick into her pussy, aware of the fact that she was in advanced pregnancy. After fucking her from behind, I asked her take my dick into her mouth and give me pleasure. She readily obliged, sucking my dick with passion. Finally, I came in her mouth, and she gleefully swallowed my semen and licked my dick clean.

free hot mom At that very moment, we heard our son Kumar call out, “Papa! Mummy!” We hurried to his room and asked him what was the problem. He said, “My school teacher keeps eating my lunch every day and I get to eat very little. I am hungry all day.” “Oh, baby! That is too bad. You should not be going hungry at this age. Papa will write a note to your teacher Miss Zareena tomorrow and ask her not to eat your lunch. Now, go back to bed,” said Shabana. free hot mom

free hot mom The next day Shabana left for Chennai. I had sent a note to Kumar’s teacher asking her not to eat his lunch. When I got home from work later that evening, I asked him if he had his lunch. “No, the same thing happened again. Miss Zareena ate my lunch today too,” he said with a sad face. I was angry that this was happening in spite of my note that day. I decided to meet the school teacher Zareena and warn her not to do this again. free hot mom

Date: December 15, 2019