Stunning Babe Assfucked on Casting Couch With big booty


#Assfucked on #Casting #Couch With big booty We were out of town on vacation and I overheard some people talking about a bar in town that had a dance hall and a mechanical bull. That night I told Stacy that we were going out dancing. She decided to wear one of her loose fitting but short skirts with a thong and a top that opens down in front halfway to her hips. The sides of the top are open just as much as the front and it is very loose fitting.

#Assfucked on #Casting #Couch With big booty Then she wore a very sexy bra underneath it since the top tends to move and open up a lot. As we were getting a cab we met another couple going to the same place so we decided to share the cab. When we got there, the place was starting to fill up so we had a couple drinks. We eventually made our way to the mechanical bull and I pointed to it and told her, here is her chance. She laughed and said that she wasn’t really dressed for it.

#Assfucked on #Casting #Couch With big booty I left and went to get us another round of drinks and then signed her up on my way back. We were enjoying our drinks for about fifteen minutes and then they called Stacy’s name. I told her it was her turn and she just laughed and handed me her drink and went over to the stand. It was a medium size crowd at this point but I was able to get a front row spot. The operator started the bull up pretty slowly and Stacy was doing pretty good.

#Assfucked on #Casting #Couch With big booty Then after about ten seconds, he sped it up and as she was getting spun around her top twisted on her. At that point we all had a nice view of her see through lacy bra covered boobs. The top had pretty much moved off to the side and between her boobs, it was a beautiful sight. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long as she soon fell off. But the bright side was as she fell off, she fell back on the big cushion and her skirt flew up to her hips as her legs flew wide open.

#Assfucked on #Casting #Couch With big booty We all had a great shot of her skimpy little thong she had on with her legs wide open. She struggled a little to get back up and as she started to walk away, the guy running the bull told her to get back on since she fell off so quick. The crowd was quick to cheer her back on. The second time, she lasted a little bit longer but we all got the same bra shots for a little longer and then were treated to another wonderful shot as she fell off again. At this point, she came back and we headed to the bar. #Assfucked on #Casting #Couch With big booty

Date: March 20, 2019