Stranger Facefuck and Rough Sex Babe Outdoor in the Wood


Stranger Facefuck and Rough Sex Tim was caressing my back….I tickled his cock with my hair…kissing it here and there!  It got a little softer.  Then I started back with swallowing it taking it deep, sucking on it.  He started pumping….but very slowly….he was going to make it last like I wanted.  Tim was caressing my cheeks trying to see if could feel his cock in there!  When he would feel it would shove deep in to my cheek then I would quickly move it the center so it would go deep into my throat.  Tim’s Stranger Facefuck and Rough Sex cock had now grown to full length…I would guess about 8.5 inches….it was going into my throat…I was controlling my gagging.  Tim’s cockhead was now huge, barely fitting in my mouth…his whole shaft was throbbing….I knew it wasn’t going to be much longer.  Throbbing got more pronounced, Tim grabbed my head and shoved his entire cock into my face…cockhead deep in my throat….I could barely breath!  Then it happened….I felt a hot squirt….I Stranger Facefuck and Rough Sex was balancing my breathing and not letting a drop go to waste.  Few more squirts and he started shrinking….now I could breathe while still sealing my lips around his cock! Tim was caressing my cheeks still trying to feel his cock in there! I continued suckling on it.  Finally I had to let it go so I could swallow my reward.  We had lasted a good 25 minutes of fun.  “I don’t think there’s a whole lot to clean up” I laughed….Tim joined in the laughter.   We wished each other goodnight Stranger Facefuck and Rough Sex and fell asleep cuddling.

Stranger Facefuck and Rough Sex Morning (8am) came and I could feel that Tim was cuddled behind me and was not soft anymore.  “Good Morning” I said, Tim replied in kind.  “I really enjoyed it last night, you got a nice thick and long cock—and nice tasting cum” I said!  “I enjoyed it…it was better than my girlfriend…I mean it”, Tim said.  “What time do you have to checkout?” he added.   “Not till noon… have something in my mind” I asked.  “I would love to bury my cock in your ass if you are open to that idea!”  said Tim.   “Whoa.  That was about 8.5” and thick….never have taken one that big….and its been long time even for anything of that sort” I replied. “I promise to be slow and gentle.  I slowed down last night when you asked, didn’t I?” said Tim.  “That you did” said I, “Let’s take a shower and see”.

Date: June 29, 2020
Actors: sex babe