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Stepsister Stella Daniels  As soon as I drink milk I used to get sleep very soon and would wake up next day around 9-10am and in morning I used to get tired on waking up and feel sticky in my dress and sometimes my mouth would be sticky the first thing I would do was to spit it out, I was getting confused as to what is happening to me and I used to finger while having bath while fingering I used to feel my pussy is opened

Stepsister Stella Daniels So one day I decided to quit all the food and drinks if someone gives me I would take everything from myself, all day I did the same but in night the maid gave me the milk once she left I threw the milk and kept the empty glass on table and went to sleep, I used my mobile till 11.00 pm and then I went asleep

Stepsister Stella Daniels At around 12.30 the door was opened of my room and my grandpa entered inside I thought might be he is checking that I have felt asleep or no. then he came near me and caressed my head and I was feeling good I got confirmed that he is checking so I didn’t react then he came on other side and slept side to me and I just ignored that

Stepsister Stella Daniels Then he started pressing my ass as I was sleeping in shorts and T-shirt with no undergarments so he was feeling my full ass and tried to insert the finger through my shorts in ass hole. I was feeling good and was lil shock also as my grandpa is doing this to me I am his daughters daughter, then he came near to me hugged me from back and started Stepsister Stella Daniels pressing boobs and his cock was out I think so it was touching my ass hole. Then I got to know that from last few days I was getting fucked from my grandpa and he is Cumming in my mouth or on body and that’s the sticky I was feeling

Stepsister Stella Daniels Then my grandpa made me turn toward him I acted like I am in sleep only because I was feeling good and wanted to know what and how he is doing that with me, I turned to his side then he took up my T-shirt and started sucking my boobs he was sucking it as a small baby and some timed he used to bite it I moaned a lil bit and again he used to suck and pinch my right nipple whiel sucking the left one

Date: June 20, 2020
Actors: stella daniels