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StepSister fucked Two more breathless moans quickly escaped your lips as you rapidly neared an orgasm from this delightful torment. You were about to cry out while the pending orgasm longed to rush to the surface of your being. You desperately bucked against this wonderful torment, pressing, crying out, then clamping hard in your sheath’s inner walls upon the insatiable, repeated thrusts. It felt so delicious…..then just as your body started to writhe with anticipated pleasure building within, I pulled free and quickly delivered three more lashes to each cheek, leaving you gasping in a combination of hot need and pain.

StepSister fucked “Ohhhhh….please!!” you wailed while a fresh glow of pink quickly returned to you inflamed buttocks.


“Does my Mistress get to cumm unless permitted?” I asked as if curious.

You pouted, clearly despondent that you lost the hot climax which was nearly yours.

StepSister fucked Stubborn silence.

Three more lashes and cries of pain. “Please….please….came your response”

Tears now ran down your cheeks.

“Your answer my dear?” I demanded.

“No Sir,”  came your unrepentant response.

“And, tell me Ms. when do you get to cumm?

StepSister fucked Slowly….ever so slowly, past the tears, a smile began to grace those pretty lips of yours. “When my Sir ……my Sir permits it” Your words were almost a breathy sob as you were caught in a haze of pleasure and pain. Your need to be taken, possessed was almost overwhelming in its intensity.

“That’s right my dear,” I responded.

StepSister fucked And taking your blindfold off, so you could look into my eyes, I tenderly kissed those tears of misunderstanding away, ever so gently and passionately the needy, hungry lips, and held you in my embrace. And from this, you knew his love for you was deep, abiding and consuming you beyond your own expectations – for he had more in store for your submissive beauty than you could imagine.

Date: June 20, 2020