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Stepsis sleeeping with head on stepbros lap servicing the many truckers and servicemen that will stop by. I hope you will enjoy yourself too. But if you don’t, that will be on you. One last thing, you will not raise your head and look at anyone who is fucking you. Always look down or away. You got that Puta?”

He slapped my face hard. I didn’t say anything and he slapped me again. I finally looked up at him with a nasty stare and said, “Yes I understand.” But for looking up at him, he slapped me harder and yelled at me to look down.

By this time the drug they gave me was taking effect. I was becoming energized and my pussy was becoming hot. I had felt this way during the Vegas gang bang. Also my mind was still in a muddied Stepsis sleeeping with head on stepbros lap state. The only thing that mattered was relief of the hot feeling radiating between my legs. I was now in total submission to everything they were going to have me do.

They had me spread my legs apart, took some lube and squirted it in my pussy. Turning me over, they did the same to my already sore and gaping open anus. They wrote obscene degrading things on me and laughed as they did. When Tito said good-bye and to have fun, Cisco took photos of me and then fucked me first. Then like a conveyor belt of horny men, they started to arrive. As the music continually played in my head, one after another came in and spewed their loads with me as their sperm receptacle. I enjoyed all of the sex even when they spewed their semen on or in my mouth. I don’t remember much about that night. I don’t even remember passing out.

Stepsis sleeeping with head on stepbros lap When I woke up the next day, my body ached. As I got up to go pee, I stepped in something sticky. Looking down, it was a used condom and there were a many more on the floor. Sitting down to pee, I looked down and my inner thighs were bruised.

Date: October 18, 2021