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Step Uncle Me: Mosi, do you remember our game that we used to play?

Mosi: Which game?

Me: Doctor-Doctor… would you like to play? I winked at her and was rubbing my hand on her thighs

Mosi: You naughty… chup kar… and she gave a shy smile and did not removed my hand from her thigh. Teri girlfriend k bare me bata

Step Uncle Me: Kya batau, apko to pata hi hai apki shadi ke pehle hi break-up hogaya tha mera to. I am still virgin. Aur Me to Single hu ab

Mosi: hmmm…Tu bhi Single, Me bhi Single, why not we Mingle… Winking at me with a Smile and came little close to me

I and Mosi were looking into each other eyes and were very close. I leaned forward and gave a kiss on her head, cheeks and finally landed on her lovely pink lips. Mosi closed her eyes and also cooperated with me. Her breathing started increasing

Step Uncle We were kissing each other. I put my tongue in her mouth and she sucked it and then she did the same. It continued for 10 mins. I then removed her cluture and let her hair loose.

Mosi mere hairs me hath ghuma rahi thi aur me unke back pe hath ghuma raha tha. Then we got up and were deep kissing each other and then me mosi ki gaand sehlane laga. Mosi ki siskariya nikalne lagi…. Ummmm. Ahhhh….

I turned her around and started kissing on her neck. My dick was pressing against her ass. I told mosi look in the mirror how beautiful, sexy you are and started pressing her boobs from her top.. Mosi ahhhh Ratan dhire se…..ssshhhhhh ahhhhhh…..

Step Uncle Then I removed her top and she also removed mine. Her boobs were dying to come out of her black bra. Bra pe se hi mosi ke boobs dabane laga aur bite karne laga… mosi started moaning ahhh ohhhhh….

Date: October 2, 2021