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step sister Yoga Pants her tight blouse showed off her well proportioned chest, and her smile was the perfect compliment to her pretty face. After getting her bags, we headed for the car and started the trip back to my house in the country. While we make the drive home, we catch up on events of the past years and get to know each other again. After the 30 minute drive to reach the house, I park the car, open the door for her, and carry Stacy’s bags into the house. I show Stacy to her room and give her the $10 tour around her temporary home.

Yoga Pants After the tour, I pour her a drink and ask if she is hungry. Stacy replies that she is only in need of a shower and some clean cloths before heading to bed. I walk her to the bathroom and start the shower so she could cleanup and relax after her long trip. Once I get the water warmed up, I leave her to wash away the day’s troubles and get ready for bed as I turn on the Yoga Pants TV and catch up on the news of the day. After about 15 minutes, Stacy calls out to me and asks me to please come into the bathroom.

Why she was asking for me I didn’t know, but I worried that something Yoga Pants might be wrong. Not wanting to just walk in on her, I stick my head in the door and ask her what’s wrong. Stacy says there’s nothing wrong, she just wanted to thank me for the hospitality, and for letting her stay with me. I tell her it’s no problem and that I look forward to having her around in the coming weeks. Then, Yoga Pants

Date: February 25, 2019