Step Mommy Lessons – Tina Hot and Kayla Green and Kristof Cale


Step Mommy Lessons Her heels clicked with a purpose this afternoon across the tiled office floor. Ms. Kutsenko walked up to her boss’s desk after gently closing the office door. It was Wednesday, past 5 and he had chosen to work late on Wednesdays for some reason.

Step Mommy Lessons There was no question they had labored closely together during the last month on the company’s recent development project and had acquired a healthy professional respect for one another. Yet, something had changed; that’s funny he thought, “she normally doesn’t do that.” Looking up from his computer, his blue eyes couldn’t help but take in a change in her demeanor as she stopped just short of the edge of his desk. Yes, he was right; something was different. Or…was it just later than normal and he didn’t read her right.

Step Mommy Lessons “I have something for you Sir.” You said with a minx look in your dark eyes.

He had no idea what she might be talking about since as far as he could remember the departmental reports had come in a timely fashion. Plus, he wasn’t aware he had requested additional documentation, however, the distinct change in her disposition intrigued him.

Step Mommy Lessons “Tickets to the concert this week…maybe?” he quipped, following her playful lead while his eyes dallied on the sensual curves of her V-neck blouse.

Step Mommy Lessons She waited effortlessly, patient to gauge his response as she thought about her delivery. Standing poised, long blond hair fell across her shoulders and down her back in full waves. Her beige and black colored Kashmir blouse fit well….in fact too well and the black skirt was deliciously snug. The sumptuous curves under her professional attire were no doubt the result of the times he had seen her dedicating her off-work routine to early morning workouts and jogs at the park. Plus, he had to admit, he loved her in those dark cinnamon red heels she chose to wear once in awhile. There was no question she was striking for a woman in her early thirties. He finished with a raised eyebrow-nothing more.

Date: June 29, 2020