Step dad gets partner’s daughter and her pal Old gentleman


Step dad gets That day, like every other weekday, I arrived at work and relived the third shift supervisor. Minutes after I’d arrived, the rest of my first shift team began to relieve their counterparts. Besides me, there was the shift supervisor, the building rover, the parking lot rover, the access control officer, the exterior rover, and the employee access control officer. As each member of my team arrived, they checked in with me and went to their assigned post. I had them rotate every two hours to limit boredom and so that no one was outside in the Florida heat for too long.

Step dad gets Once everyone was in place, I made spot checks of a few of the known trouble spots before logging into the security computer and checking emails from the property manager or residents. Then I reviewed the security logs for anything that I needed to be aware of. There wasn’t anything too pressing, just an upgrade to internal security and yet another memo, reminding everyone who worked in the building to be on their best behavior when dealing with the ‘pain in the ass bitch of a lawyer,’ in the penthouse.

Step dad gets I stood up, stretched, and headed to the bathroom. After finishing up, I washed my hands and looked into the mirror to check my uniform. I may hate the job, but the Navy taught me pride in appearance, a lesson I was trying to instill in my officers with varying degrees of success. I was pleased with how I looked, 6’2″ 190 pounds, olive complexion, clean-shaven, close-cropped jet black hair, and brown eyes. Not bad I thought, before returning to my desk.

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Step dad gets 0wn3d_5lu7 spent a couple of hours dancing with some friends before she logged out of her computer. When it shut down, she kissed two fingers and pressed them against the cool glass of a picture prominently displayed on her desk. It was a picture of her collaring ceremony. She was standing naked in front of many of her online friends, as her master presented her the collar he’d designed for her. It was the happiest moment of her life. Better than graduating Summa Cum Laude and being the valedictorian at Yale, or graduating Summa Cum Laude and valedictorian of her Columbia Law School class. Step dad gets

Step dad gets Standing up from her computer chair, she put on her robe and looked into the full-length mirror next to her desk. She started to recite a mantra she’d written to take her out of subspace and give her the strength and power she needed for the real world

Date: May 19, 2020