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Son fucks his hot stepmom I removed my hands from her lap but she said let it be, go off to sleep. I slept for few hours. When I woke up I found my hands were still on her lap and were touching her boobs with every jerk. I pretended to be sound asleep and kept enjoying the touch of her soft boobs.

Son fucks his hot stepmom We reached early in the morning. After getting freshen up we went to the beach and enjoyed a lot. My aunt was wearing salwar suit. After getting fully wet, her inners were clearly visible. She caught me stealing glances of her body but didn’t say anything. In the evening I was walking with her in the garden of the hotel and having normal chat. While walking I accidentally stepped on her feet and immediately said sorry for that. She said for stepping Son fucks his hot stepmom on my feet you said sorry and what about the last night’s act. I understood but tried to act innocent. I pretended to be confused. She said last night you purposely touched me there, what about that. I got scared and went to my room by giving silly reasons. That night we had our dinner in a nearby restaurant. My aunt was sitting just opposite to me. I was avoiding eye contact but she acted normal. After sometime I felt something touching my legs.

Son fucks his hot stepmom When I looked down I found it was my aunt’s feet. I felt like omg !!! What is she up to… After sometime when everyone was busy having the meal she suddenly winked me and gave a naughty smile. I was awestruck. Then she got up from her seat and started walking towards the washroom which was at a distance from where we were sitting.

Son fucks his hot stepmom I was watching her and she signalled me to go to her. I pretended to receive a phone call and got up from the table. When I reached the washroom she came out and we were staring at each other with eyes full of lust. When I looked at her boobs, the top two buttons of her blouse were open. My heart was pounding heavily but I tried to act normal. She asked me how are they, I said can’t say without seeing them properly. She gave a naughty smile and started walking towards the table. I was having goosebumps, I understood that now I can have her on bed very soon. We joined our family members on the table.

Date: June 7, 2020