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son forced mom blackmail We boarded the train and decided to put both of our language below our respective seats. Other than me there were 2 distinguished-looking gentlemen, one in his 60s, Mr. Das, and the other in his 70s, Mr.Bhargav. The man in his 70s also had a wife who was in her 60s and traveled in the same cabin. Mr. Das was a fit gentleman of 6 ft. with a slight beer belly, peeper colored hair while Mr. Bhargav was about 5’6 has a larger beer belly and with a slight balding and white hair and Mrs. Bhargav was outright obese.

son forced mom blackmail Prashant tried to sit with me in the cabin but the other co-passengers didn’t approve of the situation, so I tried to sit with him in the 2tier but the Ticket collector removed me twice.

son forced mom blackmail I returned back to the 1st class cabin at 9 pm after having dinner with Prashant and found that my elderly cabin mate, Mr.Bhargav has occupied my lower berth in a semi-seated position, leaving the little seat for me. Mrs. Bhargav was already packing her belongings and I thought, “Thank God I will get rid of these two then certainly I can sneak Prashant in the cabin”. Mr. Das and Mrs. Bhargav were sitting in the opposite berth. I managed to squeeze multiple in between Mr. Bhargav and the window as he showed no sign of giving me extra space, his elbow touching my thigh.

son forced mom blackmail Coldwater spoiled all my perfect musings as at 9.30 Mrs. Bhargav was the only one who packed her bags and climbed down the train leaving her big-bellied husband with us. I didn’t want to make a fuss, so I didn’t inform Prashant about being alone in the cabin.

son forced mom blackmail I was wearing a flowy skirt and spaghetti top, kudos to my tropical vacation. Having a 36C bra size made it quite risque but then again I was returning from a tropical vacation.

son forced mom blackmail I went to the washroom and removed my bra, as I can never sleep with my bra on. My big boobs and nipples became visible through my semi-sheer top. On returning back to the cabin the eyes of my cabin mates bulged on seeing me.

I sat back in my previous position, but contrary to last time Mr. Bhargav faced and eyed my tits openly. I ignored both of them and made my nightly call to Prashant.

Date: November 5, 2020