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Grace and I continued to kiss, and I tongue-sucked my sensationally pretty Asian secretary, feeling her pointy tongue duelling with mine.

Softcore Movies I continued stuffing my bloated cock again and again into the helplessly-squealing teenager’s overstretched ass, occasionally lifting her clear off her feet with the force of my thrusts while her statuesque mother endured my right hand which was busy fingering and groping her slippery cunt.

The sound of my hips slapping against Jessica’s butt were now matched by the sound of my free hand slapping Grace’s tight ass as I roughly invaded the Asian woman’s mouth with my wet, probing tongue.

Softcore Movies With a final, mighty slap on Grace’s stinging ass, I placed my free hand on top of her head and firmly pushed her behind me.

Grace had been here before and she was familiar with my sexual proclivities so, she dutifully got behind me so that her face was level with my thrusting ass.

Softcore Movies I looked back over my shoulder for a moment to see her shake her long, glossy-black hair free from its elegant bun, she made eye-contact with me and we both smiled then, she slowly leaned forward and taking hold of my hips,  pushed her face under my thrusting asscheeks and began to suck on my heavy, swinging balls, causing me groan in ecstasy.

The enthusiastic thrusting of my hips made it quite difficult for Grace’s mouth to stay attached to my wildly-swinging balls so she squatted a little lower and zeroed in on my meaty pole as it appeared and disappeared from between Jessica’s ass I could feel her soft lips and clever little tongue all over my throbbing shaft as I slammed in and out.

Date: September 7, 2021