Slutty Panties My Step Brother Gets Caught Jacking Off With


Slutty Panties He regretted for coming with his friends which I could see in his eye. I did that on purpose, to make him need me. Later we went for a 9pm movie that evening n I made it a point that I sat next to him. He actually sat in between my n his friend. Me on his left side.

Slutty Panties After teasing him all this while, I now wanted to hint him that I was interested in him n not his friend. With his strong body flaunting in my mind n I was imagining his body without cloths and he holding mine by his strong hands, I was already turned on.

Slutty Panties In the middle of the movie, after the theater lights were completely off, I held his hand in mine. I have always been bold in my actions always. I could see from the corner of my eye that he was slightly shocked. I held his byceips with my right hand allowing it to brust against my boobs on top of my cloths. I could understand that he was liking to touch my boobs.

Slutty Panties He had a jacket on his lap, I slid my left hand under the jacket, resting my head on his left shoulder n put it on his inner thigh. My hands went so close to his inner thigh that I almost touched his dick n I could sense that he was turned on.

Slutty Panties Not doing much in the theater, we waited for the movie to end. I bid bye to Nick n his friend after they dropped me to my hostel door.

Nick messaged on whatsapp:

Nick – hey hotty

Me – hi handsome, what’s up!

Nick – I reached my hostel room

Me – good

Nick – silky thanks for the evening, I really enjoyed n I am glad I met u. U r really hotter than Ur Facebook pics in real.

Me – thanks a lot Nick n I too enjoyed the evening.

Nick – I wanted to meet you again, tomorrow, is it ok.

Me – oh I have work. May be in the evening same time as today.

Nick – sure. Yeah. That will be great.

Me- will you come with your friend?

Nick – I will come alone.

Me – Hahaha u thought I would eat you? U got your friend along 

Date: July 13, 2020