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Sleeping Petite latina fucked “Now…turn around and free my zipper” A wide smile crosses your face, while your smooth hands search and find. Your hands move past my belt and find your Sir’s doorway. Once my zipper is free, your attempt to grasp my hardening shaft. But your hand is not permitted.

“Noooo!  You can only have that when I tell you. Now, take my belt off, for this will be your pain and pleasure in one”

Pulling my belt free from my slacks you offer it to me, patiently, silently,  awaiting instructions.

“Now, face the door” I growl.

Sleeping Petite latina fucked You pout……longing to wrap your hungry lips around Sir’s firm glistening head and make him lose control. But, without hesitation, you obey, turn and place your hands against the door. Your breathing has moved to a silent pant… waiting ….wondering…

You feel me grasping and guiding your wrists firmly, you allow your hands to be raised to the wrist restraints hanging from the door.

Sleeping Petite latina fucked You hear him take a deep sip of bubbly, you can’t help but speculate what is next and feel a hot thirst building.

A tug of hot desire reawakens deep inside of your core as you feel my dominance, your pussy begins to tingle with desire, while I ever so slowly strap your willing wrists to be bound. You smell the sweet tang of cologne mixed with champagne, The whiff is intoxicating your senses further while he tugs the restraints tight and high. Was that just the smooth tip of his randy cock sliding against your ass cheek while being hiked up? Such a tease! So smooth and hard! By the time he has you, the tingle you first felt has now become slick with your warm nectar coating your inner thighs.

Sleeping Petite latina fucked “Will my Sir give me a sip of champagne”, you plead?

“Only in due time,! ” I snap.

“Now, spread your legs”

Date: July 16, 2020