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Hello friends, how are you? I am Raghav and i am a web designer. I wanted to share an experience of mine which happened during my profession job. myself, age 24, from Warangal, Telangana, very fair, tall and handsome. I work in a small marketing agency. Today I am narrating one sex incident of my life here; when I had sex with a virgin office girl.

Skinny teen anal play Friends, who are associated with marketing agency know about agency ambience. Mostly sexy and hot girl used to get job easily in marketing agencies. They are good sales girls and impress clients easily. We also have same kind of awesome sexy babes in our company. I had limited interaction with them. There was a girl called Mugdha. She has big eyes, fair, 5.5”, with 34-28-32 assets. More important she was not like other girls who would show off. She was a new joinee in office. I liked her and we had been good friends too. Mostly we left office together and we used to go for movies on weekend.

Skinny teen anal play I made a plan to propose her on coming valentine. Mostly people used to take us girlfriend and boyfriend but we were not a couple. She was shy as she was from small city. She was little bit opened up being with me and her dressing sense was also changed. She was little sexier now and she used to make up and look like a hot babe. I reached to office early on valentine and made arrangements. I had bought some nice flowers and a gift. I also booked a room in hotel. I came to office and i proposed to her in front of entire office. She was little surprised and she said yes in excitement. We both were happy. We wanted to make love and were not able to work. I went to boss and requested for leave. He allowed us to go. Skinny teen anal play

Skinny teen anal play We went to movie and then we did shopping for her. Then, i asked for my gift? She said – i know, you had booked a room. You forgot that your office email id is installed my phone also. I was confused earlier seeing the booking. But, now i got everything. Now you will get your gift in hotel room only. I was happy and think that today, i will be luckiest person in world. We went to hotel and checked – in. I had ordered wine. As we entered in hotel, she hugged me tight. She pulled my collar and slapped me hard. She said – i knew, you love me. But, why you took you long. I made my mind, if didn’t propose me today. I must be fucked by anyone and will loose my virginity.Skinny teen anal play

Date: May 2, 2020