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Sitting on lap orgasm Srinath had a peculiar type of habit or say disease? He was getting much satisfaction to display his wife in front of his friends, and when they ogle at me, he used to feel proud hat he has a beautiful wife. So often he used to invite his friends at nights, have drinks and dinner. For such occasions he was forcing me to wear revealing clothes. He had therefore brought me huge collections of sarees, backless blouses, dresses, miniskirts, Shorts and tops. He was forcing me to go Sitting on lap orgasm braless and enjoy when his friends cannot take out their eyes from me. By the end of their party Srinath would have been drunk so much that he would just collapse on the bed and sleep. In one of such parties, I saw him red handed in the room with a friend. Then I understood that he was a guy and that is the reason he was not interested in me. Gradually I also started to enjoy many rowing eyes on my body. That was heating me bit and then I had to masturbate to relieve. I had a maid servant by name Sudharani, who was in her late twenties. She was good looking and had huge boobs. Often, Sitting on lap orgasm she used to display her assets to me and unknowingly I was feeling hot. Sometimes in some pretest she used to rub her boobs on my back with some pretext. All these were really putting me on fire.

After few days Srinath brought a white shimmering net saree with a halter neck backless blouse. My birthday was during the weekend and it was his gift along with matching pearl necklace. They were lovely. One thing I agree. Srinath was very liberal in giving gifts. He always wanted to look me in make Sitting on lap orgasm up fully dressed provocatively. He said that he had booked a separate table in a hotel at Surat, and we would drive there

Date: August 29, 2021