Sister on her period gets blackmailed fucked by her Stepbrother


blackmailed I woke up in the middle of the night and to my surprise it was about 3am in night and the front room light was still on and the door was just slightly closed without the latch.

So I went little close to the door and peeped through it and what I saw was just a surprise as well as arousing for me. I saw my mom was sitting on that guys lap with just her bra and that guy was thrusting his dick inside squeezing her boobs. And sometimes her boobs was juggling due to the hard thrust of that guy. And that guy was caressing her back with every thrust inside her.

blackmailed Then they changed the position and he took mom into doggy style and started thrusting her form back. He was fucking her hard with holding her hair. And I can hear my mom screaming “yesss …. ahhhh …. ummm …. uffffff ….yessss …”

Guy- oh you are so hot from back…I just love to cares your whole back and fuck you from back.

Mom- I love the size of your dick please do it hard…fuck me more hard yesss ahhh ufff mm mmm …

blackmailed And that guy again changed the position and then took her to missionary position. He was continuously smooching her lips her neck her shoulder and was thrusting her hard. He was squeezing her boobs and she was moaning with pleasure and pain both.

blackmailed Then that guy got up and sat on the sofa and my mom got down between his legs and started giving him a blowjob. That guy was moaning with pleasure hmm …..yess …. my baby lick it hard take it deep into your throat ….. yesss ….. ahhhhh …. ufffmm ….

blackmailed I’m cumming I’m cumming he shouted and then he came on my mom’s boobs. And they both collapsed on each other and started kissing and playing with each other. And later they slept after enjoying the whole show I felt that I also cummed in my pant. And again went back to sleep.

blackmailed Next day that guy left early morning before I woke up. Then mom and me had a conversation regarding the last night. She was so happy about it and I could clearly see that on her face. Then she had few more fucking session with that guy and also had done night stay at his place. And now she is again single after this extra martial affair. But still she often come to Mumbai and enjoy going out and clubbing dinner etc with me.

Date: December 17, 2019