Showgirls Good Girl Nickey Huntsman Gets Naughty After Bible Study


Showgirls I was standing over by the TV’s with Henry, one of the associates in that area when she came in.

“Aw, shit man. Karen’s here.”

“Who is Karen?”

“You know that internet meme Karen? The let me speak to your manager Karen?”

I nodded.

“We have our very own, down to the name and haircut.”

I laughed, “no way dude.”

He pointed to a lady who looked about forty with that haircut and she looked pissed.

“Oh, wow dude.” I now was trying not to laugh out loud.

“She buys shit all the time then comes in bitching about everything she buys. Best part,” he looked at me, “her name really is Karen.”

Showgirls “Oh, come on dude.”

“For reals, Hommie.”

I headed up toward the tech counter as she stood in line looking like she was about to have a stroke her face so red. I also noticed if she smiled, she would be pretty. Hell, she would be a MILF. I heard Shell, one of the associates at the counter, call for Robbie to the counter over the P.A.

Showgirls Robbie was our store manager who was now making his way up from the back. I could see him coming and he was pulled aside by Henry. You could see Robbie anywhere in the as he is 6’7”. I was 6’2” and I felt short around him.

I could tell by the look on his face that Henry must have told him ‘our Karen’ was here. He looked defeated before he even made it to the counter.

“Fifty-Seven,” Shell called clicking the customer counter as she did, and Karen stepped to the counter.

“How may-“

Showgirls Karen cut her off, “That piece of junk computer you sold me six seeks ago won’t turn on!”

“Ma’am did you make sure it was plugged in,” Shell asked?

Yes, I understand it is an insulting question for those of you reading this. However, it is one of the most common problems people face when their computer will not come on. That is why in pretty much every electronics manual there is it says make sure it is plugged in, has batteries, etc.

Date: August 8, 2020
Actors: nickey huntsman