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sexy yoga girls Let me come to real story, as it is double bed room flat i have my own room with balcony with glass doors, i use to watch surrounding flats and apartments from my balcony, one afternoon when i am standing in balcony a girl from opposite apartment came out to balcony and drying her cloths i was shocked to see her because she is really friend were pretty girl with slim body, white complexion and height of 5. 7 tight breasts from her top, round shaped good asserts i don’t know much about.

sexy yoga girls Measurements like (32-34-32) so not mentioned. I was flat by seeing her she was north Indian. Realy gorgeous friends that day for the first time we exchanged the eye contacts unexpectedly but due to my shyness i changed my contact and pretended looking at the other side. That night i was unable to sleep by remembering her….4 days passed like that…..

sexy yoga girls Every day i was looking for her to come out to watch but due to no luck it took 4 days for me to see her again this time brought up courage and looking into her eyes and wished her by smiling she to replies positively by smile in this way we use to wish each other from one apartment to other apartment but we did not spoke to each other for 10 days. One fine day unexpectedly we met at nearby reliance fresh while shopping; i was with my uncle and aunt so i was not able to dare to speak much

sexy yoga girls With her i just asked her name… She replied with smile her name and asked me the same and exchanged eyes and smiles and left the place i thought, i missed the chance to speak with her due to presence of my uncle and aunt, i felt bad about the incident.

sexy yoga girls After 2 days again we met at road and spoke to each and came to know about her that she too in job search and staying with his brother and sister in law like my aunt and uncle they too are employees and she was like me shy girl.. I thought what a coincidence between us and left the place after 1 hour speaking before others notice us. I got a chance to get into opposite apartment why iam saying chance means u people know well flats means watchman use to watch and asks to who’s home i am going so i said chance.

Date: May 10, 2020
Actors: alex mae