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sexy outdoor Lucky Teen I was 18 but professional for three boys as a slut to them and I enjoyed their roughness but they were known to me so nothing was adventurous for me so i decided to take few new loads into my ass so i started making new unknown friends on Facebook and by my fortune i got in contact with a very young and handsome man who live near pune but he and his planed a trip to puri and we used to chat normally as friends but over time we got closer and I shared literally my all details sexy outdoor Lucky Teen with him he didn’t bother much about my sex life but we got more close They were too good to me and had a plan to visit our place on December..  And everything was set  that I ll be with them for a night and do whatever they want so I somehow made excuse in home to stay out for a night with help of my friend..  Finally the day came when they came to puri..  I was too nervous bcoz i sexy outdoor Lucky Teen knew only one man among those bunch of men but I gathered courage and asked Anuj( whom I knew)  to send me the location of the place and he sent me..  I went to the hotel to meet them but only Anuj was there we hugged each other and moved inside the room it was a very large room with a large bed and I knew the purpose of that bed..  So I gave a smile to Anuj and asked for the total number of boys with him…   He kept quiet and pulled me into the bed and said gently 4  sexy outdoor Lucky Teen excluding me..  I was like OMG   I ll die please not these many..  He said we made 2 groups for you of 3 3 men and you ll choose in which you want to got first
Me – how can it be 3 3  you said 5
He- the manager is our friend and he wants to taste you
I was ok with all this but the real fear began for me when anuj planted a kiss on my lips and pulled me sexy outdoor Lucky Teen near to him and after kissing he gave me two pieces of paper it was written team a and b and I choose B  I feared who gonna break the door and come and then came the manager

Date: June 30, 2020